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Welcome to Medical Society.

Runshaw Medical Society is a prestigious group aimed at prospective medics, dentists and veterinarians.

Competition for places at University to study these subjects is increasing year on year and we are committed to ensuring that our students are provided with the opportunity and experiences required to make them as appealing as possible on application.

Medical Society is an application only course. Enrolment begins at the beginning of year 12, with students selected on the basis of their GCSE grades, a written statement detailing any experiences they may already have gained and their reasons for wanting to be in the Medical Society.

Once selected, students will have two lessons a week (in their study periods), following a dynamic, up to date syllabus with dedicated lecturers.

All students in Medical Society are put onto the mentorship programme, Meant for All, which is co-ordinated by our course leader and one of our past students, Holly Egan. This enables our students to work with current medical, dental and veterinary students across the UK to support them further with their ambitions.

You can download the Medical Society Brochure here.