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At Runshaw, we want all our students to reach their full potential. For our most able students, this means developing their passion for particular subjects, achieving A* grades at A Level, then gaining a place at a prestigious university, on a graduate apprenticeship or in a competitive career.

The needs of our students always come first, so we provide an unrivalled range of additional activities to equip them with the skills and experiences they require to excel in their academic studies and achieve their career aspirations. 

We are very keen to start our Horizons programme early, with many inspiring opportunities for academic stretch and challenge available across all curriculum subjects while students are still at high school, beginning in Year 9 with our Oxbridge Bound Day. These events extend knowledge above and beyond the syllabus whilst developing important communication and thinking skills to help prepare students for their post-16 studies. Students from our partner high schools are always extremely positive about their experiences, including our annual Masterclass Day and the challenge of a range of competitions such as The Sophie Scholl Award.

On enrolling at Runshaw, there are many further options available depending on students’ individual interests and needs. For example, Oxbridge and prestigious universities support, subject-specific academies, online CV development and a wide range of enrichment, volunteering and experience of work activities. Please click below to find out more about all of our available academies @Runshaw by clicking below.