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Runshaw’s Partner Schools

We are an oversubscribed college & we have more applicants than we have places.

To help control  this we prioritise students at our Partner Schools. If you attend a Partner School you will be offered a place with us, it’s a bit like having a chair with your name on it here, what level and for which subjects, well that’s down to what you choose & the grades you get!

We advise all year 11 school leavers to apply for at least 3 colleges, this way you have choices, and you do not need to make up your mind until results day in August. As a partner high school student this means that even if you are not sure which college you want to attend, it is always worth submitting an application as plan A, B or indeed C.

Our Application Deadline is April 1st 2024

You can apply today by clicking the green ‘apply now’ button at the bottom of this page.

Our Partner High Schools

Navigate to your school by selecting a pin. or click here for our list of Partner High Schools.